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Guidelines for Reinforced Shotcrete

Tunnelling and underground construction is an important part of infrastructure development in the country. Recent developments in the field of

Manual on Busduct

In order to achieve the objective of technical information dissemination and to meet the need of the hour with ever

Manual on CBIP Guide on Static Energy Meter – Specifications & Testing

CBIP had brought out an updated Manual on Standardization of AC Static Electrical Energy Meters (Publication No. 304) in the

Manual on Earthing AC Power Systems

It is pertinent to mention that Earthing plays an important role in proper operation of generation, transmission and distribution systems.

Manual on GAS Insulated Substations

Conventionally, air insulated substations have been installed in the country at different voltage levels. GIS technology is well established and

Manual on Transmission Lines

The Transmission sector in India has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past years. The length of transmission lines

Manual on Underground Works

Tunnels and underground structures are being used increasingly in development of infrastructures for multipurpose water resources projects, underground storages for