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Advances In Horticulture Biotechnology Nanotechnology In Agriculture

Nanotechnology is a broader term and used to describe various aspects of science and technology involved in the study, manipulation

Advances in ROCK Engineering

One of the most important current civil engineering challenges is to design underground repositories for the disposal of radioactive waste.

Agricultural Extension The Changing Structure

This book is an attempt to document the structural changes in the agriculture extension. The book has eleven chapters. Chapter

Challenges of Climate Change

Global warming and climate change is the gravest concern of mankind in 21st century. Horticulture, in India with approximately 30%

Cultivating Organic Vegetables

This book is a timely intervention that attempts not only to fill the gap in knowledge but also ensures integration

Dams in India

Dams have been constructed in India from time immemorial to harness water resources for irrigation, drinking water needs etc. Our

Diagnostics for Horticulture Crops

Horticultural crops are attacked by a large group of pathogens inflicting moderate to heavy crop losses. Due to the increased

Evergreen Revolution in Agriculture

This book draws attention to the many challenges confronting farm families in taking to the pathway of evergreen revolution. The

Exotic Vegetables

Vegetables, low in calories, high in protective nutrients match the dietary requirements of 21st century life styles. In an era

Fighting Pesticide Resistance in Arthropods

The book is a excellent first step in bringing together relevant information on three main aspects: Basic aspects of insecticide

Food Expectations of the People in the New Millennium

Conservation, cultivation, consumption and commerce have been four major components of sustainable food security. We glad this book is dealing