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Andhra University is pleasure to launch Digital Library webportal containing Palmleaf Manuscripts present in Dr. V.S. Krishna Library which were donated to this library by several people and various institutions of philanthropic nature, several years ago. Need for digitization of all the manuscripts was very much felt by the teachers and scholars, and we have digitized all the Palmleaf manuscripts for the benefit of scholarly fraternity.

Dr. V.S. Krishna Library has 60,000 sq. ft. (5574.18 sq. m.) of Carpet area. Besides the work and stock areas, each section has seating and reading facility to enable the user to choose and refer to the books comfortably. All the rooms are spacious with good ventilation. According to the need and convenience, one finds different seating arrangements. The seating arrangement is user friendly. To provide sufficient scope for optimum interaction among the users a seminar/group discussion room is provided. At a time 500 users can be seated in the library. The library is kept open on all days in the year including Sundays, except on national holidays and on days declared as holiday by the University. The library works in three shifts.

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Library Collection

Dr. V.S. Krishna Library is the central library of Andhra University having various Flagship Collections.

Library Objectives

To help the students and teachers to reach their full potential by providing multifaced, supportive learning and teaching environment.

To enhance Andhra University status as a major research university and center for higher education.

To position the University as the leading provider of outreach services in collaboration with other institutes of higher learning and research to users on and off the campus.

To provide global access to information published worldwide in many disciplines in support of qualitative research and education at the University level.

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